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First Use 1. Unpack the lockbox package and its component. 2. The lockbox was shipped unlocked. Simply slide down the gold lever to open the vault. 3. Unlock and remove the battery compartment cover by sliding the black lever to the right. 4. Install 4x AA-battery included. The bottom (-) side of the battery should […]

1. Update date & time to lockbox When checked, date and time information will be pulled from your computer and transferred onto the USB device when the [PROGRAM] button is press. This information will then be uploaded along with the PIN’s when you program the lockbox with the USB device. Important: You will need to […]

1. Combination Locking Shackle A 4-Number combination lock which protects lock box from unauthorized removal. 2. Sliding Lever Lock Battery powered lever lock. Slide up to lock and slide down to unlock. 3. LED Indicator 3 different color LEDs represent lockbox working status. Red LED means access denied or errors occur. Orange LED means lockbox […]

This is NuSet latest innovation, the “Smart Box.” The “Smart Box” is an electronic lockbox that combines NuSet’s time-tested traditional mechanical lockbox features with modern technology to bring you the most up-to-date and affordable security device. The Smart Box provides easy-to-use USB programming function that keeps track of access and its sturdy casing withstands harsh […]

NuSet Smart-Box series electronic combination lock box with resettable 4-number combo locking shackle. Features Large and durable metal casing for keys and credit card storage Assign up to 500 4 to 6-digit access codes with individual duration period Program lock box with the ease of USB device Retrieve access log with date and time Weather-resistant […]