NuSet Lockbox Manager Interface

1. Update date & time to lockbox
When checked, date and time information will be pulled from your computer and transferred onto the USB device when the [PROGRAM] button is press. This information will then be uploaded along with the PIN’s when you program the lockbox with the USB device.
Important: You will need to program the lockbox immediately in order to program the correct time onto the lock box.

2. Delete PIN after update
Check this box to have the PIN’s automatically removed from the USB device as soon as they are uploaded to the lockbox.

3. Program
Transfer PIN’s from your computer to the USB device

4. Download Log
Download access logs from USB device to your computer

5. # of PIN
Enter the number of PIN’s you would like the program to generate, maximum is 500.

6. PIN length (4 to 6 digits)
Enter the number of digits for the PIN’s (from 4 to 6)

7. Duration (hour)
Assign access time limit to the PIN’s. “0″ is for unlimited access. “1″ means the PIN will be valid for 1 hour after its initial use.

8. Generate PIN
Click this button to generate PIN’s based on your setting

9. Clear PIN
Delete all PIN’s generated

10. Master Password
The master password has unlimited access to the lockbox. This password will work even if all PIN’s expired. It has to be 8 digits.

11. Program Password
This password enables users to upload PIN’s and date/time information from the USB device to the lockbox. This code has to be 8 digits.

12. Report Password
This password enables users to download access logs from the lockbox to the USB device. This code has to be 8 digits.

13. Save
Save generated PIN’s

14. Open
Open previous generated PIN files

15. Print
Print generated PIN’s

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